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Rx Waterproofing and Foundation Repair provides expert foundation repair utilizing the Crack Injection & Poured Concrete foundation repair process.

When owning a basement with a poured concrete foundation, it is typical to find cracks in the foundation walls. Often these fractures, or cracks, open wider over time due to hydrostatic pressure.

Rx Waterproofing Crack Injection: The Cure For Your Leaking Foundation Cracks

The repair for a leaking crack in a poured concrete foundation wall is a polyurethane crack injection. This repair has become an industry-standard practice with a few varying techniques to complete the repair. 

Foundation Crack Repair

When repairing foundation cracks, it is important to realize you are not just stopping an annoying puddle on the basement floor, but you are taking a step to improve your home’s ecosystem. Poured wall crack injection is the most effective way to repair foundation cracks from the inside of the foundation. No exterior excavation is needed: All work is done from the inside!


Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

A complete solution for basement wall repair. The Fortress system has 20+ years of engineering & testing and provides the strongest anchoring system top to bottom.


Our Foundation Cure

At Rx Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, we use a low-pressure crack injection to complete the repair. This allows us to inject the leaking crack into the foundation wall without having to drill into the foundation wall.


Our repair process begins with setting ports over the surface of the fracture approximately every 8-10” and sealing the surface of the crack all the way to the top.

Flush the Fracture

 Once the crack has been prepped and surface sealed, the fracture is flushed out and cleaned, and polyurethane is injected into the crack to complete the repair. .


The polyurethane pushes its way through the 9” thickness of the poured concrete foundation wall to form a watertight seal.

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Our diagnostic team of professionals has over ten years of expertise in foundation repair. Call us for a free estimate to create your prescription for a healthy foundation.

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Among all the companies I checked out with, these were the only guys who would install an exterior drainage solution which turned out to be less expensive and the correct solution than some of the other ones who would only provide interior drainage solutions.

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Regan and his team did a knock-out job on the French drain for our property. Bobby was polite and responsive to my questions and went the extra mile to make sure we were fully satisfied with the finished product.

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