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Rx Waterproofing and Foundation Repair provides a superior basement waterproofing system. So much of your life happens within the walls of your home. You want to protect your family and your home from bacteria, mold, bad smells, structural damage, Radon, and other deteriorating damage that would be more costly to repair without a drainage system.

Why choose RX Waterproofing Drainage System?

Compare the differences in the diagrams below.


RX Waterproofing and Foundation Drainage System

Add Life to Your Foundation

Our foundation waterproofing system lower’s the water table beneath your home, adding years to the life of your foundation.


Protection from Insects & Rodents

Other waterproofing systems create a path for insects and rodents to enter your basement, our complete drainage system actually prevents them from entering your basement and your home.

More Space in the Basement

RX Waterproofing’s drainage system maintains the integrity of your basement slab, allowing load-bearing walls all the way to the edge, increasing the amount of space available in your basement.

Lifetime Warranty

RX Waterproofing warrants our system as long as you own your home.

Available Maintenance Plans

We provide periodic inspection, cleanout, and repair plans for our waterproofing systems at a reasonable cost.

Contact Us

Our diagnostic team of professionals has over ten years of expertise in waterproofing repair. Call us for a free estimate to create your prescription for a healthy foundation.

Why Waterproofing?

A properly- designed and installed waterproofing foundation drainage system prevents these issues.



A wet basement is a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria which can cause disease and infection throughout your home.


The most common health hazard from a moist environment is mold. Mold spores cause a variety of illnesses from respiratory problems to eye infections.

Bad Smells

In addition to the smells caused by bacteria and mold, wet basements frequently create musty smells that can spread throughout your home.

Structural Damage

Water in your basement can deteriorate your home’s foundation, not to mention ruin furniture, carpet, and wallboards in finished basements.


A common way for Radon to enter your home is when groundwater, which contains Radon, seeps through concrete or poorly-sealed water drainage systems.

Investing in your Home Drainage System

Dry your basement, prevent future issues and increase your home’s value with a foundation waterproofing drainage system from RX Waterproofing.

While costs vary according to the size and type of basement in your home, it’s estimated that a basement waterproofing system has a return on investment of 30%.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Good Company, I recommend RX Waterproofing often. I’ve seen their work and it’s really nice. Very Clean and Professional.
They explain the process very well so you know what to expect.

Matthew B.

Among all the companies I checked out with, these were the only guys who would install an exterior drainage solution which turned out to be less expensive and the correct solution than some of the other ones who would only provide interior drainage solutions.

Ashray N.

Regan and his team did a knock-out job on the French drain for our property. Bobby was polite and responsive to my questions and went the extra mile to make sure we were fully satisfied with the finished product.

Grey C.

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